Intro: connect.framsteg

We have all been at the point where the only step missing for our project was the prototype. Maybe your network does not include several flexible programmers? Perhaps the budget for the alpha concept is very limited? Or investors want to be convinced with non-fictional embodiments?

In particular entrepreneurs and project managers are Aware of these problems. It's not like the allowance of a graduate computer scientist is not appropriate. Rather, this scaling is not always the most effective. More and more companies and institutions rely on student assistants. Still, the requisition can hardly meet the demand.Therefore, we dealt with the subject of networking in software projects. The focus of problem solving was no comprehensive social network in competition to Xing, Facebook and Google+. No, a simple two-click system was necessary. No blinding. Rather delivering. Executives who were seeking for short or medium term student help do not create or maintain profiles. They need a list of potential candidates who fit to their recruitment. Therefore, our concept of the alpha phase adapted according to the motto: less is more. Slim fit.

We have used the open source application "Admidio" by Markus Fassbender and his developer team for the realization and implementation of the kernel function. Some optimizations in terms of configuration and security aspect were still necessary. With regard to the business concept we are not quite agree within our team. Hence, the access within the alpha phase will be free for all. For the beta concept we reserve if necessary: ​​a minimum package for companies looking for programmers. Participation of Students are free any way. Terms of regulations are supplemented and adapted in the course of the alpha phase. We wish all interested parties to succeed.

Check out the project website (currently only german universities are supported)

Jani Podlesny

Head of Engineering

I am focusing on Data Architecture and Analytics for Management Consulting across EMEA and the US. For my passion in Data Profiling & Privacy I am doing a PhD research at the Hasso- Plattner- Institute. 

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